The Uncommon Traveler is one who constantly asks themself this question. They know their humanness, and while tempted to conform to the patterns of the world, they  understand the imperative to renew their commitment to the Path with each step. 

The spiritual Path is not laid out in neat paving stones, it is not well-trodden, nor is it plain for the eye to see. It is often a Path of solitude, destined for the perils of great strife, in the world but spiraling upward away from it, to salvation and beyond. 

What Path am I on?

1) Find a way to your dream life without exhausting yourself
2) Feel like yourself more often
3) Magnify the relationships with your loved ones
4) Exist in a state of abundant joy
5) Be able to operate with full acceptance of your reality
6) Get out of your own way
7) Feel the glee of great purpose
8) Be effortlessly authentic

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